Thursday, 3 December 2015

Fire Raptor Gunship Part 2 - Straight Outta Forge World

Happy Friday everyone!

Just a short update on the Fire Raptor today. I have taken the time to straighten the resin pieces that were warped. As you can see from the first photo below, some of the parts can be fairly out of shape. It's inevitable with resin, but easily fixed. I use the hot water method but a hair dryer or a heat gun can be used (but use a heat gun with extreme care as they get far hotter than a hair dryer and can melt resin and skin with ease). As with all of these dangerous maneuvers, if you are a child, please get an adult to help you. No burns please. On we go.

So with the hot water method, what I do is use a shallow dish of some description and add boiling water with some cold added. At a guess, I'd say it was around 60 degrees centigrade, but I've never measured it. It's definitely way below boiling (how dangerous would that be?). Add the offending part to the water and make sure you have something you can retrieve it with that isn't your own digits. You only really need to leave most pieces in the water for about 15-30 seconds. Thicker parts may need a little while longer to warm up. Remove it from the water and very gently test it to see if it's flexible. Don't force it as you can snap it and I won't be held responsible.

When it's pliant enough, carefully bend it back in to the shape it should be. Some pieces will naturally start to straighten when they've been heated, Once you are happy, you can either use some cool water or just hold the part until it's cooled. Hey presto, you should have a resin part that's back to how it should be.

You can see below that I have done a dry fit of the main fuselage to make sure it will glue correctly. It's only held together with weak elastic bands so I'm pretty confident it will glue quite well.

Next up is the cleaning (even though I said that was next last time)

Fire Raptor Gunship Part 1 - Turkey With All The Trimmings

Hello again! As promised, here is the first part of the Fire Raptor series. In this post I will quickly go over the trimming process. There's plenty of it on this one.

First up, the tools I am using.

Very straight forward really. A selection of knives in varying sizes. I don't have a modelling saw (and I am not patient enough to get hold of one) so I have a large knife for the larger trimming tasks, and a couple of smaller ones for a bit more finesse. For the love of the Emprah, if you are a child or a particularly clumsy person, get someone slightly more adult to help you with sharp knives. Ten fingers are much easier to work with than nine. Along with the knives I am just using the two pairs of clippers. The red handled ones are not very delicate but perfect for the big resin parts. There's also a pair of Citadel clippers for accurate clipping.

And here's the mass of resin you will have to work through.

It doesn't take too long really, but take your time so you don't mess it up. Using knives, I have had to shave away extra resin carefully to get it nice and flat while not gouging into the model. You can see this in the two photos below.

Here's the resin clipped and tidied, back in the bags ready to be cleaned.

Next it's on to the plastic parts.

The plastic sections of the Fire Raptor are basically quarter of the Stormraven kit. I've got a small problem with the canopy bars being miscast but I've e-mailed Forge World and no doubt they will sort that out for me. Here's the clipped plastic parts of the Gunship.

And finally, below are the left over resin bits and the mess I swiftly cleaned up. I should be able to make some tank trap scenery and the like from these. After all, there's enough of it!

Next up is the cleaning of the resin. Stay tuned for part 2!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

New Project - Blood Angels Fire Raptor Gunship

Hey folks.

So yesterday we both went off to Warhammer World for (half) a visit (thanks M6). While there I may have picked up this little project to add to the list (probably quite near the top of the list.)

As you can see, it's half a Stormraven and about 3 metric tonnes of resin.

I intend to do a fairly detailed walk through of the build and painting, with the hope that it might help a few people out. It has a reputation for being an absolute sod to build and yet there doesn't seem to be much help out there in internetville. I will go through everything from trimming, straightening and washing the resin to building, priming and painting, complete with any pitfalls I come across.

I am far too excited about getting started on this so expect the next post soon!

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Armies Part 1: Ian's Blood Angels

So, as promised I am going to start running through all of the hobby projects I've got on the go and first up is my Sons of Sanguinius; The Blood Angels.

I've been a Blood Angels collector/player ever since I started in the hobby, WAY back in the 90's, in the days of second edition 40K. No matter where I've strayed I always have BAs on the go. They are my favourite Spess Muhreens, plain and simple.

Above is most of my current collection. Everything on the left is still in various stages of nearly painted, partly painted or barely started. The few models on the right are the ones I consider done. As you can see, I have plenty to get on with.

1 - Obviously the main man himself, the head honcho, the grand fromage himself, Dante, complete with a retinue of 10 Sanguinary Guard.

2 - Here we have a Gamesday Blood Angels Captain, Mephiston and Corbulo. This Mephiston is Finecast but I also have a metal version from way back in the 90s (my own original one), but for some reason it refuses to hold on to paint so I had to pick up the second one to use in games.

3 - Captain Karlaen and Squad Alphaeus from the Deathstorm box along with 5 Assault Termintors with Stormshields and Thunderhammers. Just a small part of the First Company. I may add few bits more because invuls are severely lacking from this force.

4 - 15 Death Company; 10 with jump packs, 5 without. I also have 5 more unbuilt which will likely be regular foot troops with bolters as well. 5 of the jump packs are assembled as Raphen's Death Company from Deathstorm because they are the BAD-ASSEST and MOST EXPENSIVE troop choice ever, but perfect for those DC themed armies.

5 - Command Tanks, straight outta Wammer World. These things are a wild card to say the least. I've customised them with some Forge World BA doors and a few extra BA bits I had lying around. They've been vamped. Get it? VAMPED. Never mind.

6 -  The small collection of painted models. Stormraven, optimistically magnetised despite the fact 9 times out of 8 I take the same load out. There is also a Sanguinary Priest (absolute auto include for any BA force because you will take one at some point), a single Tactical marine from the squad to the left and the obligatory Terminator Librarian for throwing various BLOOD related magicks around. I am quite proud of that paint job. I'll share some photos of it at some point.

I also have a couple of squads of second ed marines in various stages of stripping to be painted. I mostly keep them for nostalgia. I doubt they will see table time now but they are classics and will be getting some love. Again, pictures in future hopefully.

So that's my Blood Angels. Still to come are my Skitarii, Imperial Knight and a small contingent of Crimson Fists and of course, the new project: Tau!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tau Empire KV128 Stormsurge - Painting

Hello again. Just a quick one to show my painting progress with the Stormsurge. I will post soon about magnetising this model but for now, here's the current state of affairs.
I've managed to borrow an airbrush from a friend for a short while and this has made painting the base colour of the armour an absolute breeze (there's an airbrush pun there somewhere). The base colour is GW's Sotek Green. I intend to shade a wash and edge highlight. There's not a huge amount to say about technique. This is just a couple of fine layers to get a flat colour to work from.
Next post will show the magnets, as I say, and hopefully I will have a few more details painted in to show off the final scheme a bit more.
Check back soon for more progress and to see Jon's Ghostkeel which will be painted in the same scheme but using different methods.

Azrael: He Doesn't Deserve Eternal Warrior

Hello again, thy gorgeous unclean masses! Put away your flaming brands, and pitchforks as I regale you with my words of wisdom.

I once more stand (sit... I'm sitting...) before this pulpit of communication known as the interwebz, to tell you that the mighty Azrael, Supreme Grand Daddy of the First Legion Astartes... (Ahem... Emperor preserve me I've got a cough)... the First Chapter of Dark Angels!, does not deserve the Eternal Warrior Special Rule!

Now, before the weeping and gnashing of fanboy teeth try to oust me from my lofty perch, I entreat thee to have patience, and listen intently.

Many a Dark Angels' player has lamented the lack of Eternal Warrior in Azraels' unit profile; and having put this down to "apparent" GW ineptitude.  However I feel this not to be the case. I see the reasons deep in the churling maelstrom of that vast bloated behemoth that is, the 40k universe (...hides third eye).

Those brooding visages of manliness that are the Dark Angels, hiding under their bathrobes (I'm wearing mine too right now it's a lovely mauve col...) are but a facet of a theological idea perpetrated by the imperium - read: GW.  This is an idea that harkens to that deep seeded need of the masses to be saved; be it man, god, or angels falling from heaven upon roaring pillars of flames!

The Dark Angels shun all spurious honours, not the fancy baubles and trinkets of other chapters for them! Honour and respect are fought for! They are earned upon the altar of adversity and sacrifice! And it is this which we must focus on.

Azrael is a Hero. No doubt.  For the masses to fully appreciate the sacrifices made for them, grand heroes must make that ultimate sacrifice and die, for otherwise there is no danger, no fear of what may happen.  There must be a cost. Azrael is that example, a sacrifice waiting to happen in the face of adversity; to put his life on the line to save the day! Chapter Masters come and go... But Azrael stands as a testament to an idea that not all men are created equal, some are more important in one moment, a moment that can change the course of many.

I put it to you that Azrael does not deserve the Eternal Warrior Special Rule, he deserves much much more...

ps.I'm an actual Dark Angels player myself, and in all honesty, I think I wouldn't change Azrael for the world. He's a dude. End of.

pps. Coming soon to a blog article near you soon!

Aesthetically Inspired: Step by Step Painting guides by Ian and myself! Tau are inbound...

Armies of the End Times!: Myself and Ians current armies, the progression of a hobby addiction!

Until next time, Keep those Braziers Burning!


Monday, 16 November 2015

In The Darkness Of The Far Future No One Can Hear Your Confusion....

So, hello fellow krak addicts!!!!

So just to introduce who I am, and why the hell I'm here, soon be waffling on at all of you, as you see the depths of my insipid daftness...

I am Jonathan Lyness!!!! Yes, yes please hold all your applauses and laurels... Oh wait. You've never met or heard of me... Ignore that bit.

I am Jonathan, one of our fine host Ian Plumptons' friends, and he has kindly agreed for me to guest author here on the krak addict.  I would like to start by thanking Ian by giving me a pulpit to sit here (standing at a computer typing is a bit wierd...) and give you my thoughts and ideas on this fine hobby of ours.  I might not be the oldest hobbyist in the realms, the smartest (I am a scientist though... Fear for your lives and bow before Jon!!!!), or the best painter.  But we all try our best and that is the most important thing; especially if we all enjoy the hobby that we do - be it game, paint, convert, sculpt or whatever you hobby passion is (love your hobby to the fullest, and deepest you can, I won't judge... Can't say anything about the rest of the interwebz though...).

I've been an avid hobbyist for nigh on 12? 13? 14 years? God I've forgotten, and can't remember a time without when my love and addiction with the Grim dark has held its clawed grip upon my life.  But hopefully as the blog grows, myself and Ian can help to stoke the fires in your hobby hearts (or wherever else that fire is burning... Maybe go see a doctor...).

For now I shall cease my whittlings and look forward to scribing my first proper article for the krak addict. For now, game safe hobbyist!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Plan for the Coming Weeks

Hey folks, just a quick one to run through what I intend to be posting about over the next few weeks. Now that I have gotten that first miserable first post out of the way, it's time to get down to some hobby!

So. First up I will be running through a bit of a commentary of how I am going about magnetising my brand new KV128 Stormsurge kit. I won this at the very recent Blogwars X event in Stockport, despite only coming in 33rd out of 50. More on that particular event coming in future posts as well.

I will also be running through what I currently have, and what still needs painting. Those lists are almost identical. I also want to have a look to the future to see what I want to do next.

I will hopefully start writing up some battle reports as well. I aim to bring back the days of the old White Dwarf bat reps with actual battle maps. We will see.

That's what's coming on Krak Addict, starting soon I hope. Keep yourself coming back to see new posts when they drop!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Post No.1 or "Looking up at the hobby from the flat of my back"

So here we go. I am finally joining the leagues of the 40K bloggers. I felt it was time to emulate many, many other people before me and start blogging about this hobby of ours, because why not? I'm opinionated, I'm passionate. I can occasionally string together an articulate (read: legible) sentence. In my boundless intellect and sense of humour I have chosen the name Krak Addict, which is actually close to being offensive unless you know 40K, so let's hope it doesn't get me into any trouble.

It's a bit of a funny time for me and 40K at the moment. In hobby terms, things are great; my painting seems to be constantly improving, I am getting more and more adventurous with magnets, I may even convert something in the near future. Happy days. But in gaming terms, I really am looking up at the hobby from the flat of my back. I am in the most rutty of ruts. I cannot seem to pull off a win or even a convincing draw at the moment and it is getting more than a little frustrating. The guys I play regularly are constantly on the end of moaning and self pity when I get tabled yet again. I'm not sure if it's my list writing ability, my ability to use the lists I write or just that I have particularly terrible choice in armies, but things just ain't right in my gaming world. No doubt people will have an opinion for me. Answers on a postcard.

Either way, I am starting this blog as somewhat of a hobby therapy session. I figured that if I can write down what I am doing, and share it with the internetwebosphere, not only will I be able to document my failings for the world to mock, but also I may get some nice people who can help me help myself. That and I crave attention.

So that's my first post. If you are having a similarly torrid time throwing dice (or you just want to poke me with word stick and throw insult stones) please feel free to comment below!