Monday, 16 November 2015

In The Darkness Of The Far Future No One Can Hear Your Confusion....

So, hello fellow krak addicts!!!!

So just to introduce who I am, and why the hell I'm here, soon be waffling on at all of you, as you see the depths of my insipid daftness...

I am Jonathan Lyness!!!! Yes, yes please hold all your applauses and laurels... Oh wait. You've never met or heard of me... Ignore that bit.

I am Jonathan, one of our fine host Ian Plumptons' friends, and he has kindly agreed for me to guest author here on the krak addict.  I would like to start by thanking Ian by giving me a pulpit to sit here (standing at a computer typing is a bit wierd...) and give you my thoughts and ideas on this fine hobby of ours.  I might not be the oldest hobbyist in the realms, the smartest (I am a scientist though... Fear for your lives and bow before Jon!!!!), or the best painter.  But we all try our best and that is the most important thing; especially if we all enjoy the hobby that we do - be it game, paint, convert, sculpt or whatever you hobby passion is (love your hobby to the fullest, and deepest you can, I won't judge... Can't say anything about the rest of the interwebz though...).

I've been an avid hobbyist for nigh on 12? 13? 14 years? God I've forgotten, and can't remember a time without when my love and addiction with the Grim dark has held its clawed grip upon my life.  But hopefully as the blog grows, myself and Ian can help to stoke the fires in your hobby hearts (or wherever else that fire is burning... Maybe go see a doctor...).

For now I shall cease my whittlings and look forward to scribing my first proper article for the krak addict. For now, game safe hobbyist!

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