Friday, 20 November 2015

The Armies Part 1: Ian's Blood Angels

So, as promised I am going to start running through all of the hobby projects I've got on the go and first up is my Sons of Sanguinius; The Blood Angels.

I've been a Blood Angels collector/player ever since I started in the hobby, WAY back in the 90's, in the days of second edition 40K. No matter where I've strayed I always have BAs on the go. They are my favourite Spess Muhreens, plain and simple.

Above is most of my current collection. Everything on the left is still in various stages of nearly painted, partly painted or barely started. The few models on the right are the ones I consider done. As you can see, I have plenty to get on with.

1 - Obviously the main man himself, the head honcho, the grand fromage himself, Dante, complete with a retinue of 10 Sanguinary Guard.

2 - Here we have a Gamesday Blood Angels Captain, Mephiston and Corbulo. This Mephiston is Finecast but I also have a metal version from way back in the 90s (my own original one), but for some reason it refuses to hold on to paint so I had to pick up the second one to use in games.

3 - Captain Karlaen and Squad Alphaeus from the Deathstorm box along with 5 Assault Termintors with Stormshields and Thunderhammers. Just a small part of the First Company. I may add few bits more because invuls are severely lacking from this force.

4 - 15 Death Company; 10 with jump packs, 5 without. I also have 5 more unbuilt which will likely be regular foot troops with bolters as well. 5 of the jump packs are assembled as Raphen's Death Company from Deathstorm because they are the BAD-ASSEST and MOST EXPENSIVE troop choice ever, but perfect for those DC themed armies.

5 - Command Tanks, straight outta Wammer World. These things are a wild card to say the least. I've customised them with some Forge World BA doors and a few extra BA bits I had lying around. They've been vamped. Get it? VAMPED. Never mind.

6 -  The small collection of painted models. Stormraven, optimistically magnetised despite the fact 9 times out of 8 I take the same load out. There is also a Sanguinary Priest (absolute auto include for any BA force because you will take one at some point), a single Tactical marine from the squad to the left and the obligatory Terminator Librarian for throwing various BLOOD related magicks around. I am quite proud of that paint job. I'll share some photos of it at some point.

I also have a couple of squads of second ed marines in various stages of stripping to be painted. I mostly keep them for nostalgia. I doubt they will see table time now but they are classics and will be getting some love. Again, pictures in future hopefully.

So that's my Blood Angels. Still to come are my Skitarii, Imperial Knight and a small contingent of Crimson Fists and of course, the new project: Tau!

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