Tuesday, 1 December 2015

New Project - Blood Angels Fire Raptor Gunship

Hey folks.

So yesterday we both went off to Warhammer World for (half) a visit (thanks M6). While there I may have picked up this little project to add to the list (probably quite near the top of the list.)

As you can see, it's half a Stormraven and about 3 metric tonnes of resin.

I intend to do a fairly detailed walk through of the build and painting, with the hope that it might help a few people out. It has a reputation for being an absolute sod to build and yet there doesn't seem to be much help out there in internetville. I will go through everything from trimming, straightening and washing the resin to building, priming and painting, complete with any pitfalls I come across.

I am far too excited about getting started on this so expect the next post soon!

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