Thursday, 16 June 2016

Double Trouble - The List and The Review

Hello dwellers of the internet!

The weekend just gone saw the first Double Trouble event as organised and run by Alex of From The Fang. This was also my first ever doubles tournament so I was looking forward to that but doubly so (see what I did there?) because it was an unusual (but excellent - more on that in a minute) format of random pairings.

Those of you who follow the blog know I have been preparing for this by writing roughly a billion lists for different armies but ultimately I settled on Tau.

Here is the list:-

Tau CAD - 750pts


Ethereal - 65pts
Hover Drone, Recon Armour, Honour Blade


XV8 Crisis Battlesuits - 139pts
Shas'vre - Twin-linked Fusion Blaster
2xShas'ui - Twin-linked Fusion Blaster
Bonding Knife Ritual

XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit - 196pts
Cyclic Ion Raker, Twin-linked Fusion Blaster, Stimulant Injector, Velocity Tracker, Bonding Knife Ritual, 2x Stealth Drone


Breacher Team - 140pts
5x Fire Warrior with Pulse Blasters
TY7 Devilfish with Disruption Pod

Breacher Team - 140pts
5x Fire Warrior with Pulse Blasters
TY7 Devilfish with Disruption Pod

Fast Attack

Pathfinder Team - 70pts
4x Pathfinder with Pulse Carbine/Markerlight
Bonding Knife Ritual

This is quite a soft list for Tau but I figured it has good mobility, transports to keep my nasty blasters alive beyond a turn and some deep striking for precision (ha, chance would be a fine thing!) striking, not to mention the hard-to-kill Ghostkeel.

All in all though it didn't fare too badly in the face of lots of much stronger armies and even caught a few marine squads off guard (love those Pulse Blasters).

I'll hopefully try and do some sort of battle reports for my 3 games but they will be more narrative than anything as I didn't record a single detail.

The reason for this was because I was having too much fun! I was looking forward to this format anyway and it turned out to be everything I hoped. I got to play with or against 9 guys I had never had a game with before and every one of them a thoroughly good chap. We had some laughs at some ridiculous outcomes and that and nobody seemed to care when they lost everything (including me!). I've only been to 3 tournaments so far (all of them Alex's) but this was the most relaxed of them all. Just a fun day of gaming all round.

The painting competition was great again with the usual fantastic work on display (I didn't get a vote for mine but, in fairness, it wasn't finished and there was far better work on display so I don't mind) and the raffle was fantastic again. 5 Start Collecting sets and Deathwatch: Overkill were on offer. I managed to scoop myself a Start Collecting Space Wolves box which is excellent because I always fancied painting some Thunderwolf Cavalry. Now I have some!

Shout out to Luke, Tess and Dan who had to put up with being partnered with me and to Rob, Matt, Kai-Uwe, Owen, Peter and Tobias who had the pleasure of pummelling my little fish men throughout the day!

More to follow soon!