Sunday, 26 February 2017

Birthday Bash - The List

Hey folks.

I just returned from Birthday Bash yesterday and will be putting up the overviews of my games in the next few days but for now, here is the final list I took on the day.

++ Combined Arms Detachment (Space Wolves: Codex (2014) v2030) (1498pts) ++

+ HQ (100pts) +
········Iron Priest (100pts) [Helfrost pistol (20pts), Tempest Hammer (5pts), Warlord]

+ Elites (658pts) +
········Dreadnought (185pts) [Blizzard Shield, Fenrisian Great Axe (25pts), Smoke Launchers (5pts), Venerable Dreadnought (25pts)]
············Drop Pod (35pts) [Storm Bolter]
········Wolf Guard Terminators (235pts)
············4x Wolf Guard Terminator (197pts) [Assault Cannon (20pts), Chainfist (15pts), 3x Power Fist (30pts), 3x Storm Bolter]
············Wolf Guard Terminator Leader (38pts) [Frost Sword (5pts), Storm Bolter]
········Wulfen (238pts) [Wulfen Pack Leader (50pts)]
············Wulfen (42pts) [Dual Frost Claws (12pts)]
············Wulfen (42pts) [Dual Frost Claws (12pts)]
············Wulfen (52pts) [Stormfrag Auto-Launcher (2pts), Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield (20pts)]
············Wulfen (52pts) [Stormfrag Auto-Launcher (2pts), Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield (20pts)]

+ Troops (280pts) +
········Grey Hunters (140pts)
············5x Grey Hunter (80pts) [5x Bolt Pistol, 4x Boltgun, Meltagun (10pts)]
············Razorback (60pts) [Storm Bolter (5pts), Twin-linked Heavy Bolter]
········Grey Hunters (140pts)
············5x Grey Hunter (80pts) [5x Bolt Pistol, 4x Boltgun, Meltagun (10pts)]
············Razorback (60pts) [Storm Bolter (5pts), Twin-linked Heavy Bolter]

+ Fast Attack (460pts) +
········Stormwolf (235pts) [2x Twin-linked Multi-Meltas (20pts)]
········Thunderwolf Cavalry (225pts)
············Thunderwolf Cavalry (75pts) [Frost Axe (20pts), Storm Shield (15pts)]
············Thunderwolf Cavalry (75pts) [Frost Axe (20pts), Storm Shield (15pts)]
············Thunderwolf Cavalry Pack Leader (75pts) [Frost Axe (20pts), Storm Shield (15pts)]

Monday, 13 February 2017

A Wolfie Update

Hello again!
First of all I should point out this post has nothing to do with Robert Lindsay or the comedy series Citizen Smith, so apologies if you were looking for that.

If you're still with me, great! Time for a brief update on what is happening with my Space Wolves. Since I last posted I have done some painting (not nearly enough) and managed to get a couple of practice games in for the Birthday Bash tournament that is looming like a big loomy thing.

So first off I have changed up my list based on advice and trial and error. Gone are the Bloodclaws and the second Iron Priest and in come the Wulfen and a Drop Pod for the Venerable Dreadnought. I will post the full list later this week. The basic thinking is that foot slogging the Dreadnought across the table potentially (and very probably) leaves him out of the action and able to be avoided. Okay, so he can't assault out of a Drop Pod but he can be where he needs to and with careful positioning, just as safe from harm.

The Wulfen are just for rip 'n' tear fun.

As you can see above the painting progress is not great​ so far but I am still fairly confident I can get it tournament ready in two weeks. This kind of pressure is how I got my Skitarii ready for Blog Wars 9 and there were far more models for that. It'll be fine.

So the first game I played have been against Jonathan's Necrons (Dragon's Eye Miniatures) and for a first run out with the Wolfy Wolfmen of Space it wasn't too bad, especially when you take into account that Necrons are Jon's thing. He knows his Necrons. Despite losing it was a fairly close game in victory points and I learned a few things about the chaps from Fenris. You can check out the battle report at Jon's blog here.

The second game was against my mate John and his Eldar. This army is a particularly hard nut I have been desperate to crack so I was looking forward to using a Wolf-shaped hammer to try it this time (have I said "wolf" enough yet?). Luckily for me John had toned down.his force from it's normal strength which meant I had no Wraithknight and less jet bikes to deal with, but it was by no means a soft target. And the result? I narrowly scraped a win thanks to the power of Maelstrom. In kill points the Eldar where all over me but I played the objectives as best I could and it landed me a 10-9. More important than winning was that I learned yet more about the force and picked up ideas for tweaks.

Grateful to both Jon and John for their insight and thoughts on how my army played and how I played them and hopefully I won't come out dead last in the Birthday Bash (although the prize for last is decent so it wouldn't be the end of the world).

So now I just need to get them painted.

Also Wolf.