Thursday, 3 December 2015

Fire Raptor Gunship Part 1 - Turkey With All The Trimmings

Hello again! As promised, here is the first part of the Fire Raptor series. In this post I will quickly go over the trimming process. There's plenty of it on this one.

First up, the tools I am using.

Very straight forward really. A selection of knives in varying sizes. I don't have a modelling saw (and I am not patient enough to get hold of one) so I have a large knife for the larger trimming tasks, and a couple of smaller ones for a bit more finesse. For the love of the Emprah, if you are a child or a particularly clumsy person, get someone slightly more adult to help you with sharp knives. Ten fingers are much easier to work with than nine. Along with the knives I am just using the two pairs of clippers. The red handled ones are not very delicate but perfect for the big resin parts. There's also a pair of Citadel clippers for accurate clipping.

And here's the mass of resin you will have to work through.

It doesn't take too long really, but take your time so you don't mess it up. Using knives, I have had to shave away extra resin carefully to get it nice and flat while not gouging into the model. You can see this in the two photos below.

Here's the resin clipped and tidied, back in the bags ready to be cleaned.

Next it's on to the plastic parts.

The plastic sections of the Fire Raptor are basically quarter of the Stormraven kit. I've got a small problem with the canopy bars being miscast but I've e-mailed Forge World and no doubt they will sort that out for me. Here's the clipped plastic parts of the Gunship.

And finally, below are the left over resin bits and the mess I swiftly cleaned up. I should be able to make some tank trap scenery and the like from these. After all, there's enough of it!

Next up is the cleaning of the resin. Stay tuned for part 2!

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