Monday, 9 November 2015

Post No.1 or "Looking up at the hobby from the flat of my back"

So here we go. I am finally joining the leagues of the 40K bloggers. I felt it was time to emulate many, many other people before me and start blogging about this hobby of ours, because why not? I'm opinionated, I'm passionate. I can occasionally string together an articulate (read: legible) sentence. In my boundless intellect and sense of humour I have chosen the name Krak Addict, which is actually close to being offensive unless you know 40K, so let's hope it doesn't get me into any trouble.

It's a bit of a funny time for me and 40K at the moment. In hobby terms, things are great; my painting seems to be constantly improving, I am getting more and more adventurous with magnets, I may even convert something in the near future. Happy days. But in gaming terms, I really am looking up at the hobby from the flat of my back. I am in the most rutty of ruts. I cannot seem to pull off a win or even a convincing draw at the moment and it is getting more than a little frustrating. The guys I play regularly are constantly on the end of moaning and self pity when I get tabled yet again. I'm not sure if it's my list writing ability, my ability to use the lists I write or just that I have particularly terrible choice in armies, but things just ain't right in my gaming world. No doubt people will have an opinion for me. Answers on a postcard.

Either way, I am starting this blog as somewhat of a hobby therapy session. I figured that if I can write down what I am doing, and share it with the internetwebosphere, not only will I be able to document my failings for the world to mock, but also I may get some nice people who can help me help myself. That and I crave attention.

So that's my first post. If you are having a similarly torrid time throwing dice (or you just want to poke me with word stick and throw insult stones) please feel free to comment below!

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  1. Welcome to blogosphere and good to met you at Blogwars, feel free to steal my pics if you want to post about our battle? I'll add you to the blogroll on Weemen so I can keep tabs on developments of your Skitarri :)