Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tau Empire KV128 Stormsurge - Painting

Hello again. Just a quick one to show my painting progress with the Stormsurge. I will post soon about magnetising this model but for now, here's the current state of affairs.
I've managed to borrow an airbrush from a friend for a short while and this has made painting the base colour of the armour an absolute breeze (there's an airbrush pun there somewhere). The base colour is GW's Sotek Green. I intend to shade a wash and edge highlight. There's not a huge amount to say about technique. This is just a couple of fine layers to get a flat colour to work from.
Next post will show the magnets, as I say, and hopefully I will have a few more details painted in to show off the final scheme a bit more.
Check back soon for more progress and to see Jon's Ghostkeel which will be painted in the same scheme but using different methods.

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