Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Angels Are Coming!

Hello again blog readership!

It has been a long hiatus since my last post. I haven't had a great deal to post about hobby wise. Until now.

That's right. Blood Angels are getting an update! The second part of the new Black Crusade supplement, Angel's Blade, is released on Saturday and to say I am excited is an understatement. Caveat right here. I realise the rumours about the contents are already circulating and it looks as if the Sons of Sanguinius have been slightly left out in the cold again, but I couldn't care less because it's still an improvement.

There are various things rumoured (probably true) to be coming but we know for a fact is this:

  • 9 new formations
  • 2 new detachments
  • updates to Devastator and Assault Squads
  • vehicle squadrons
  • new Death Company relics
This is all common knowledge from GW's website. Also there are a number of box sets and one-click bundles that suggest they may be formations from the book. I don't want to speculate any further because it's only a couple of days until we know for sure. I have the limited edition of the book on the way so expect a full review from me, along with how it will affect my lists, starting Saturday!

Until then, here's a photo of the elite of my Blood Angels mustering (being built and painted) for war!

Lemartes, Astorath, Dante and...other Chaplain standing at the head of the neatly arranged and unpainted Sanguinary Guard and Death Company

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