Thursday, 10 March 2016

List Writing 750pts - Blood Angels

Good morning internet land!

It's time for a bit or list analysis. Coming up at the start of June I am taking part in Alex Brown's Double Trouble tournament (details here. Also make sure you check out the rest of Alex's blog From The Fang. It's far superior to mine!). The basis of the tournament is randomly drawn, 1500pt pairs (750pts each), so I thought it was high time I decided what to take and get it painted.

So here's my first list for your perusal. I like to call this the Deep Strike Menace.

Blood Angels Archangels Strike Force - 750pts

Terminator Chaplain - 150pts
Storm bolter, Crozius Arcanum
+Teleport Homer
+Melta Bombs
+Veritas Vitae

Furioso Dreadnought - 160pts
Power Fists, Meltagun, Stormbolter, Magna-grapple
+Drop Pod

Terminator Assault Squad - 225 pts
Thunder Hammers, Storm Shields

Terminator Squad - 215 pts
Storm Bolters, Power Fists, Power Sword (sgt)
+Heavy Flamer

A photo of the army list. Still plenty of painting to do here.

The theory behind this list is a semi alpha strike list. The Archangels Strike Force 'formation' (really more of a detachment) has the benefit of scattering D6" less when deep striking, and get a re-roll for reserves. This will give me a guaranteed 6" scattering pod turn one and almost guarantees 2 deep striking termies turn 2 *if I choose to deep strike*.  If my partner for a particular game brings a shooty list, this lot can deep strike and take objectives/cause confusion/split the enemy fire. Deep striking the thunder hammers will see them wasted for a turn but they should be resilient enough to weather storm and protect the chaplain before going vehicle/MC hunting in turn 3. At very least they might force units out of cover to stay away from them and into lines of fire from the other half of the team.

If my partner for a game brings their own alpha strike setup, I will deploy the termies to weather the storm if they want to null deploy or join the strike with the furioso and drop pod before mopping up with deep striking termies.

In both cases the chaplain can roll on the Archangels Warlord Traits which are not too bad as a whole, but the ObSec for Warlord and his unit could see a unit of stormshields sitting on objectives with ObSec. Nice. The chaplain also has the Veritas Vitae which gives him a roll on the Strategic table in the BRB all of which can add another nasty edge to the force. 

So this is the first choice for my 750 army for the Double Trouble tournament. I think it's low model count is balanced by it's resilience and although not hugely mobile, it has the potential to cause havoc with deep strike. There's no flier control here at all so I would have to just largely ignore the skies and push to wipe out ground forces. Let me know what you think in the comments. More lists coming soon so keep popping back and help me figure this out!


  1. Ian I think the biggest issue you have here is the resilience of terminators. In my experience, a 2+ save is not enough to keep you safe, and if you deep strike those guys in then they're not going to have enough to survive the firestorm they'll face from an opponent who can't afford to let them get into combat. Equally I wouldn't recommend walking them across the table, without any outrageous rolling I had a Tau firewarrior squad wipe out a terminator squad that tried that in a game recently.

    I'd be more inclined to look at putting a flamer heavy squad in a drop pod and then an anti tank squad, you can then combat squad them when they disembark to give you two specialist units and two bolter squads who can either claim objectives or act as speed bumps.

    1. This is exactly main concern. 2+/5++ is all well and good but weight of dice will chew through them regardless. Even the 3++ can fall there. The main scope of this list hinges on the fact the partnered force is halfway decent. Enough big threats to cause confusion. It's definitely a risky list so that's why I need this feedback! Thanks Nick!